UK Paper Drinking Straw Manufacturer
UK Paper Drinking Straw Manufacturer

Branded Paper Straws

If you have specific requirements for a company branded, patterned or pictured bespoke Paper Straws we can help. Please contact our team here in our website or by phone. In the first instance we would require the following information so we can supply a cost-effective quote. Please supply contact details, straw length, straw diameter, approximate qty required and logo design if available we can support you with this if required

We can make our straws in sizes from 4mm width to 10mm and have made straws from 75mm to 300mm in length.

The use of branded products is cost-effective when considered in terms of impressions (an impression is a single view of a particular ad) compared to other forms of advertising media.

Branded Merchandise has a lower cost per impression compared to conventional forms of advertising. Whilst the conventional advertising is often passive and indirect to specific users, the advantage of specialised merchandise is that the branded products can often have a much more active interaction with you customers.